Jimeila Bags

When we mean we design bags to fit your lifestyle, we mean it. All our bags are made from neoprene which make them lightweight, durable and MACHINE WASHABLE (for product care please visit that section). Every bag has lining on the inside so you get the structure that is needed.

Pockets? We've got them in every bag, zipper and open. Pockets are the way for an organized life. Now don't forget, EVERY SINGLE BAG comes with a full size matching clutch to help you get to your happy hour without having to take your whole bag. HINT: Having multiple clutches in the bigger bags helps greatly. For example, to hold essentials such as a wallet and keys so you're able to grab and go. 

Everything Tote literally does carry everything. This is the best travel bag for those trips where your suitcase can't carry anymore. The matching clutch is attached to a long rope for you to find easily but able to detach for the go. 

Everyday Shoulder is the perfect work/ everyday bag. We deigned the length of the straps so when you have a laptop in your bag, it doesn't irritate under your arms and of course, there's the matching clutch. 

Everywhere Bucket is the cutest crossover bag that carries just enough items that you have all your need but not everything you have (you know what we mean) including a clutch. The crossover is made from rope so you can customize the length to how you want it. Going on a hike and want it close to your body, just tie a quick knot and you're good to go.

Everyplace Mini is literally the best night out in town bag and when you don't want to carry much bag. One of the side pockets can fit every size cell phone for easy access. As told before there is a matching clutch that is included but fun fact, you can tie the clutch handle around the mini bag handle to make a zipper secured additional pocket. The Everyplace is 2 bags in one. You can carry it as a handle bag or have it as a crossover. Just like the Everywhere, you can tie the rope crossover to make it any size you want, shoulder bag, close tot he bag bum bag, etc. 

We literally designed our bags to fit your every lifestyle. We tried to think of every little detail to provide you with a bag for all situations. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at hello@shopjimeila.com.